Increased experiences, increased purchases, increased customer loyalty.

The consumer market is rapidly undergoing structural changes. Customer contact is becoming cursory; the consumer is spending more and more time online. If we do nothing, then customer loyalty is in danger of becoming ‘an old-fashioned marketing term’. Stagnation, however, is not an option. Boxplosive will stimulate purchasing at your store locations and will add to an increased customer loyalty, by connecting the online world to the physical world.

Based on a clear strategy and vision for the future, Boxplosive developed a unique and dynamic ICT-platform. This ICT-platform gives every brand or organization the opportunity to start loyalty and promotional campaigns made to measure, and to follow, adjust and analyze them in real-time. With a fully integrated platform Boxplosive will facilitate an efficient and effective solution for the entire process: from clearing, distribution and management, up to the analysis of response and results.

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Boxplosive connects consumers, brick-and-mortar businesses and the online and mobile world

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